The Challenge: The Enchanted April

I love E.M. Forster novels. This book was recommended to me because of that.

I didn’t like it.

Two of the women in this book were just continually hateful for so long towards two of the other women, that it wasn’t enjoyable to read. I kept waiting for them to fall in love with their surroundings and surrender their hard views of the world as the other two women had earlier in the book, but they just wouldn’t. They stubbornly clung to their old ways in such a way that it’s not only harsh to the two women who their angry gaze is cast upon, but tiresome for the audience.

Not mention one of the other two women of the book that you’re, I guess, rooting for, then goes and invites her abusive husband to join them? Like...the fuck?

Overall I understand what this book was trying to say and do but just generally found it un-enjoyable in the most pleasant setting. It was weird. Like getting gum in your hair at Disney World.


Would I re-read it: Nope.

Would I recommend it: No.

Am I going to keep it: You can have this one back, mom. 

21 Marvel Wrap-up

So last night, we bit the bullet and watched X-Men: The Last Stand.

It wasn't quite as bad as we remember, but, you know, it was still bad.

Plus, Emma is a sleepy panda

We had some thoughts about the 'young' Magneto and Professor X shown at the beginning

And lots of Wolverine love

Frasier Crane made his X-Men debut

John got jealous of Magneto

xmen3 6.png

John was also an asshole

He then told us his thoughts on the actor who plays Angel

We made light of Magneto's boyfriend's death

And fawned over his abilities

John then equated the climactic fight scene to an MMA match

We also had many questions about the ending...

All in all, we've seen better, and we've seen worse. And will continue to do both.

Join us next week for Gh-OH MY GOD.






We're all gonna die

An Update, and a Few Words From John

So Emma says to me the other day, “Hey John, I really like your writing, you should do a regular column or something.”

Me, being the way I am, said, “No way. No one wants to read my crap.”

But then she wrote it down in the calendar, and said I had to do it. So here we are.

So this is something we’re calling ‘John’s Corner’ I guess. Or maybe Douchebag Central. Or Letters From an Asshole. We’ll figure it out.

Remember, guys, we are also looking for submissions for our OC Days and our Fandom Days(Formerly ‘Fandom Friday’) so please, feel free to comment, or email us ( We’re running out of nerdy friends to exploit for personal gain, so we want to start in on strangers, if you don’t mind. Seriously.


That there is Coruscant, Capital of the Republic and poster child for urban sprawl

That there is Coruscant, Capital of the Republic and poster child for urban sprawl

So, recently, I had a bit of a breakdown and downloaded Star Wars: The Old Republic Online. It’s not the first time I’ve played it, but I had a lot of friends pressuring me to rejoin World of Warcraft(For the fourth time), so I felt it a better opportunity. It’s Free to Play, up to a point, but I figured it’d be good enough, right? I had played two years ago, right after I built my gaming computer. This time around I was just hoping for some Star Wars goodness without having to play through KotOR or KotOR 2 for the seven thousandth time(though I’ll keep doing that, too)

Turns out, I had payed for an entire year’s subscription, but deactivated my account three months in. I have no memory of this, and it is not something I usually do, so imagine my surprise when I see that I still have 9 months left on my ‘subscriber status’.

So here I am again, playing an MMO, a Star Wars one at that. It’s pretty awesome, and I’m feeling a little better about it this time around. I haven’t spent any actual money, and my attention span with games don’t tend to run longer than a few months at a time, so I don’t anticipate spending any, either. And it’s a fun. We’ll see how it goes.


My history with MMOs is spotty, at best. My first foray into WoW was...bad. But each time I’ve played an MMO, I’ve been better at seeing the addiction set in, and have been able to stop pretty easily each time. For now, I’m going to enjoy the ride, and my characters.


That’s all for now, peoples.

21 Marvel Wrap-up

So this week we watched The Fantastic Four(The 2005 one)

right from the off, as you can tell from our drinks, we have lost all hope

John continued with a great attitude

And we, naturally, named the characters

Emma noticed some changes in the last 11 years

And John was an asshole

Emma commented on the costuming

And John was still an asshole

Von Doom really falls far in this film

We also noticed a few problematic heroics

And the movie came a quick and, dare I say, easy end.

Join us next week when we watch our next movie:

X-Men: The Last Stand

Save us

Thanksgiving (or, the day before...)

Hello, John here

Well, as we all know, Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and everyone will be celebrating with family or friends. On this day, before Thanksgiving, I am taking a moment to think about the less-important, but much beloved things in my life. I could write about about how thankful I am for the people in my life, the family, friends, and loved ones. And I will. But not this day. Today, on this day before actual Thanksgiving, I am thankful for the nerdy things in my life.

I am thankful for Star Wars. This classic, epic tale of good and evil, this space opera spanning generations. Jesus fucking christ, can I wax poetical about Star Wars. Good lord, something's wrong with me. Rogue One, coming out soon. I'm interested to see the difference from the trilogies to a 'Star Wars Story'. Goodness gracious me.

I am thankful for my Pathfinder games and groups. We may only meet to play a game together, but it's an important, and sometime therapeutic way to pass the time with you. Traveling through epic lands of fantasy and adventure, good food, and good friends.

I am thankful for books. My library of sci-fi and fantasy, and graphic novels, and modern fiction. A few scant pounds of paper and paste and string, transporting the mind to incredible and fantastic places. An examination of the human mind. A litany of poems, mostly about trees. A boy and his tiger. Thank you.

And thank you to fart jokes, that never get old, and are always funny.

Movie Review: Doctor Strange

So, we just saw Doctor Strange. John wasn't looking forward to it, and Emma had to roofie him and drag his unconscious body into the theater seven hours beforehand. Here's what we thought.



Okay, okay, fine, I didn't hate Doctor Strange. You win.

Were there a lot of things wrong with it? Yes. Did I hate it? No. Was it the worst Marvel movie? Not by a long shot. This movie mostly fell into the "tried to do too much after having spent too much time on the origin story" trap. Which, all of the origin stories do, naturally, to one degree or another. We also had Bendystraw Cummerbund portraying Stephen Strange, a Philadelphia-born brain surgeon. Brillopad, who is British, could either speak with an...American...accent, or speak with emotion. Not both. That being said, I didn't dislike his portrayal. The story is more-or-less pulled straight out of the Marvel wiki page. I should know. I looked it up, cause I don't know much(anything) about Doctor Strange.

He definitely got the whole 'demanding to be referred to as Doctor' thing spot on. I run into those kind of assholes from time-to-time, and man, they are hickory smoked horse butt-holes in human form. And they didn't shy away from that. This whole movie, much like the first Avengers movie, was about one white man(Tony Stark) realizing it wasn't all about him, and sacrificing himself. Except, you know, everything turns out fine, white man survives with little to no consequence. Which, hey, good guys win and all, but the ending honestly felt too easy. Boom, evil multiverse entity swallowing the Earth, wham-bam, Broccoli Cucumberpatch figures out how to use the (SURPRISE) Infinity Stone to beat the entity. Everyone goes home with a plate of spaghetti and a cool story. Except for Mordo, whose entire belief system is left in tatters, but, hey, he's not the hero, right? Right? 



OK, I roofied no one first of all. 

So the first opening twenty minutes with all the medical shit? About made my medical phobic ass pass out. I thought I was going to be cool, then I dry heaved and thought to myself maybe I should go sit in the hall for a minute. I did and got asked very politely by a movie theatre attendant if I was OK?, I looked I kind of pale. I said that's just my face, thank you for the concern.

After all the 'my hands are fucked forever let's show us doing medical things with them' scenes, I was back by the time we got him to Nepal. Which then began the nausea due to special effects. The whole 'let's show this bitch what it's like to live inside a kaleidoscope'  scene made my stomach protest as well.

So in this movie I love a lot of classic reaches that there were to the original comics. I don't know if Bumblebee Crabapples was the best choice to play him but we can't go back on that one so here we are. His accent was so painful in this movie omg.

So John said most of the things that I also felt to be true but let me tell you one thing I was fucking excited as hell about. I'm like 90% certain I saw Nico Minoru from the A-Force's weapon. Like holy shit you guys could that mean we get to meet her in some movie one day? That be fucking amazing omg.

This movie was interesting but predictable. Pretty but plot wise plain. I did cry when the ancient one died and I suppose the line 'You'd think after all this time I'd be ready. But look at me. Stretching one moment out into a thousand... just so that I can watch the snow.' got me. Right in the Honey Nut Feelios.