The Challenge

The Challenge.

So I, Emma, have given myself a challenge. You see I own a lot of books. I mean a lot of fucking books.

So I decided why haven’t I read all these? Why am I re-buying books I read when I was in middle school because I remember a happy feeling I had while reading it but don’t remember the plot?

So I’ve made myself a challenge. I’m going to read every single book I own. All of them. This is going to take me years. I’m going to read every Bible that’s ever been given to me (I live in the south, it’s a lot of Bibles.) All the Complete Works of Sherlock Holmes I own. All Of them, over and over.

My shelves are pretty royally mixed up as well because I had unpacked my books as quickly as possible so no order at all.

I’m even going to be reading the children’s books and reviewing them.

Oh what? You thought you weren’t a part of this? Hahahaha, strap in kids. 

I’ll post a review of every book I read. Even the Sherlock Holmes Books, every time I read it. I’ll try to review it from a different angle. You ready for the tiny book that’s shaped like a castle and has puppies and half a sentence on every one of their cardboard pages? I don’t think so.

I’m hoping to read 1-2 books a week. My life is busy enough that I’m not sure if I could possible manage more. And some of these books are thick. Or the Bible. Hard to get through quickly. Like I have Les Miserables on my shelf.

Also the majority of books are going to be Star Trek and autobiographies.

The Rules:

1.      I will not read a series out of order. I’m allowed to set a book aside till I find the first one in a series.

2.      Magazines don’t count.

3.      Comics won’t be on this list since we review those on their own.

4.      If I miss a week, unless cleared by our book referees (John and Charlie) I have to watch an episode of terrible, terrible show Glitter Force. (Because some weeks something could have happened or whatever and we’ll get a judgement call.)

5.      I have to post the review also on Goodreads. (Because I am terrible at updating that shit.)

Ok. Let us Begin.