Volume 3 Chapter 7 -Emma *Spoilers*

RWBY Volume 3 Chapter 7

Fuck I hate this season’s intro...Over reading the last couple of posts from my friends I’ve come to discover this is an unpopular opinion here at Geek Potpourri but fuck I just don’t like it.

That being said.

I love this episode and I’m glad I get to be the one who reviews it. 

We start with a black screen and a voice that is clearly Cinder’s speaking.

I want to be Strong.”

“I want be Feared.”

“I want to be Powerful.”

Mastermind Spice

Mastermind Spice

We open on young Cinder and Emerald. Cinder asking how Emerald managed to walk out of a shop with a ring she clearly stole. She points out Emerald’s semblance without Emerald even having to tell her. It makes me wonder, without Cinder, would Emerald have remained a street rat forever?

Thief Spice

Thief Spice

We fade to black and hear more of Emerald’s now devotion to Cinder. We then hear she is looking to take an apprentice and is going to his home in the mountains. When we arrive we see his son has killed him. Now was his father abusing him? How did they get into this fight? Why is their home on fire? What exactly happened to his legs?

He and his father fought, and Mercury won but why did they fight to begin with? How old is this kid?

Murder Spice

Murder Spice

It fades to black once more and we hear Emerald question Cinder’s need of Mercury and get slapped for doing so. It makes me wonder how often is Cinder abusive to her underlings that seem so ready to serve her.

Then we see Cinder going to Adam and the White Fang, we see her rejected, and hear of the train leaving tomorrow that he and Blake are to take out. This is a reference to Blake’s trailer and escape of the White Fang

Another Fade to black. At this point we have Roman on our side. Now we hear of ‘the plan’. Which we quickly come to realize is the attack on Amber. 

The attack begins with Emerald projecting that Amber see a little girl fallen off her bike. Amber gets off her horse (Which promptly disappears) and offers her an apple only to see something is amiss. Emerald begins to attack, followed by Mercury. Here it is revealed that he has had his legs replaced with prosthetics. They quickly battle her and prove to be her undoing, until she begins to use her power as The Fall Maiden. 

Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin Spice

Cinder then appears and knocks her out of the sky. They then engage in hand to hand with Amber, proving her to be a formidable foe in all senses until she misses Cinder’s attack with three arrows that stuns her. Injured, she walks forward ready to end Emerald when she is shot literally in the back by Cinder, who begins to take her power.

Now up until this point I for some reason always thought Emerald had some redeeming thing that could be used with her. I mean she joined Cinder because Cinder promised her she would never be hungry again. I feel like this is a promise anyone from RWBY’s team or JNPR or any of the ‘good guys’ would have made to her as well. But seeing her hold Amber down for the harvesting changed my mind about that.

As Cinder begins to absorb The Fall Maiden’s power, Qrow cuts in and stops the transfer, a little late as Cinder has already absorbed some of it. She makes this apparent by using her new power to distract Qrow while she and the others get away.

We then hear Cinder speaking of her power to someone. She says ‘I will claim what is ours.” Who is ‘ours’ at this point is a mystery.

Cinder returns to the White Fang to see if they will help them again. But in a much more persuasive manner. 

Then we are reminded of Yang’s aggression in the last episode of shooting Mercury in the leg. Which now we know was an illusion from Emerald and that Mercury’s legs will be just fine.


Mercury is loaded onto an ambulance with Emerald at his side which we quickly learn is just Cinder and Neo taking them away from the scene

my actual wife sorrynotsorry

my actual wife sorrynotsorry

We then see that there is a spike in grim activity and that no one (obviously) approves of Yang’s response to Mercury’s ‘attack.’ The episode ends with Cinder speaking of the next match and how it ‘must go as smoothly as this one’. So we can expect more hell to pay.