Volume 3 Chapter 10: Battle of Beacon-Emma *Spoilers!*

OK so this is one of my other favourite episodes so I'm pretty thrilled I get to review this one as well. 

So we open on the Grimm going ham on Beacon. (They are really letting me summarize this even though that's how I start this.) We see Blake and Weiss standing among the chaos. They reach out to Yang asking her status (she's fine) but they don't know the whereabouts of Ruby. They then prepare to fight, somehow not being touched by a single fucking Grimm running around them but YOLO right.

We switch over to the stadium where we are once again reminded that Pyrrah just accidentally brutally ripped a fellow classmate into four distinct pieces.

Pyrrah is clearly in shock as she stands staring at Penny as Jaun calls to her, trying to get her attention as the (this is a technical term) Big Scary Bird Grimm breaks down the barrier protecting the students in the stadium. Big Scary Bird Grimm does make his way in, knocking Pyrrah and Jaun who ran into the main stadium floor over. Ruby decides she is having none of this shit and immediately protects her friends by attacking it with one of Penny's fallen blades.

Big Scary Bird Grimm decides that it is having none of this shit when suddenly a storm of lockers rains from the sky bringing weapons down (quite literally) onto the bird. The weapons are quickly retrieved by their owners.  It's so exciting seeing all the teams we've been watching fight each other now working together.

 Velvet my actual child.

 Velvet my actual child.

Big Scary Bird Grimm is then on the move, the rest of the students work on taking it out quickly and efficiently, showing their immediate team work will be a success. 

Pyrrah apologizes to Ruby for Penny's death. Jaun tells her it's not her fault, it's whoever was on the microphone and they have to stop them before they take anyone else.

The gangs all together!

The gangs all together!

More Big Scary Bird Grimm appear and the teams prepare for battle. Ruby is finally reunited with Crescent Rose and the students all make a break for it as the teachers fight off the Grimm attacking.

Back on the ground General Ironing Board watches as his troops fend off Grimm but are being quickly over powered. Having none of this shit today, General Iron Kid goes face to face with one, going from douche bag to Hot Dad in a manner of seconds.

The General gives a heartfelt speech about protecting their kingdom and going to regain control of the skies from Roman.

Meanwhile Roman is fucking with all the shit. He does it with Bae I mean Neo alongside. He takes over one of General Iron Sides ship using the same program that Cinder has. It's revealed on the ground that it's taking control of the robotic soldiers and making them turn on our 'good guys'. As this happens we watch General Iron and Wine's ship go down. Ruby takes this as reason to go and stop Roman's ship. He sends Bae (I'm not apologizing) out to stop her.

Meanwhile Blake and Weiss are making headlines with kicking all the ass.

The two girls split to be badasses separately when suddenly Blake is confronted with her worst nightmare. Adam.

Back at Beacon the fighting continues as Cinder watches over it with a smile.

We then see the city shaking, as a huge Wyvern Grimm is suddenly freed from the confines of a mountain, very Smaug style. It comes bearing more Grimm.

Ozpin watches over with a look of foreboding. Meanwhile our teams are back in fighting stance, ready for the battle. Team SSSN runs off, when suddenly so does Pyrrah as well. She's going to Ozpin, with Jaun following. Fuckity fuck.