Volume 3: Episode 9 RWBY *SPOILERS*

Chapter 9: PvP

And here’s Johnny, once again!

We ended the last episode on the tense moment when Mercury reveals to Ruby that the match between Penny(<3<3<3) and Pyrrah(bae) will not end well. What with Pyrrah having a magnetic Semblance and Penny being a robot, we can understand why, especially if Emerald is using her powers to affect the battle. We hope Ruby can do something about it, but the deep pit of despair growing in our stomachs continues to grow. As Ruby tries to get away from Mercury, the duel begins.

Right from the off, we can tell that Pyrrah is still dismayed with the decision she must face before the end of the tournament. Penny is a badass, of course, but Pyrrah doesn’t display her usual bravado during battle, and for good reason. She’s got a lot on her mind, after all… But then we have the tragic end of the battle, helped in part by Emerald.


Penny is one of my favorite characters, and I absolutely hated this. I didn’t have any words at first, but then, what words could truly describe this? This was, of course, devastating to Pyrrah as well, having watched her Semblance do that to her opponent. I’d stand in stunned silence for several minutes, too. And Ruby sums up what I was feeling pretty damn well.


During this, Cinder takes over the broadcast, and spreads her message of doubt and fear to the populace, affecting the nearby Grimm population. This is where it all really starts to go to shit.

General Twatwaffle tries to explain himself to Ozpin, who shuts him up right quick and tells him to do his fucking job and the defend the people. Ozpin also sends Qrow and Glenda to help defend the city from the multitude of Grimm making their appearance. All along, we have to wonder, what else does Cinder have planned? Because you know that’s not all of it.

Oh, yeah, of course Roman is out and using General Buttface’s ship to destroy the other Atlas ships trying to defend Vale. I’ve got some serious things to say if this is the state of security for a function like this. I mean, General Asswipe showed up with an army because he thought there should be more security, but could it really be better right now?

I also have to question the fact that Mercury, who is supposed to be horribly maimed, is openly walking around the stadium tunnels. Are there no security cameras picking this up? And has Atlas not figured out there’s a Cinder Virus in their systems? I mean...come on! Despite my anger here, it’s only with specific characters and their decisions. This episode was a strong one, and really set the tone for what’s inevitably coming next. Fuck.