21 Marvel Wrap-up: Elektra

So we came back to 21 Marvel really wanting to wow everyone and have a great time. We wanted to. But, well, Elektra was the next movie on the list, so this is what you get.

We were definitely ready with our drink, that's for sure.

elektra 1.png

John was open with his opinions of this movie, which he had seen before. Maybe more than twice. Shut up.

We knew the whitewash was strong with this movie, but good lord, people.

elektra 3.png

We also found the opening scene and Elektra's introduction particularly well done.

elektra 4.png

We then mercilessly pointed out a flaw that one character shares with an orange, straw toupee-d orangutan.

elektra 5.png

Then Emma got sassy with the green-eye effects that annoyed the shit out of us the entire fucking movie.

elektra 6.png

Then John got sassy about the depiction of Elektra's physical capabilities.

elektra 7.png

We then fought about nonsense words to distract us from the travesty onscreen.

elektra 8.png

And John proved, once again, that he is an asshole.

elektra 9.png

Emma didn't appreciate that the movie was made in such a dark manner. The rest of us didn't appreciate that the movie was made.

elektra 10.png

Then we (totally safe and dependable role models) made parental commentary

elektra 11.png

Then a villain side character did a thing. We're pretty sure this is the only reason her character is used.

Then John and Charlie waxed poetical

In conclusion: I mean, we've seen worse movies. We've seen better ones, too. This was fun to poke holes in, honestly.

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Next week's movie is: Fantastic Four