Thanksgiving (or, the day before...)

Hello, John here

Well, as we all know, Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and everyone will be celebrating with family or friends. On this day, before Thanksgiving, I am taking a moment to think about the less-important, but much beloved things in my life. I could write about about how thankful I am for the people in my life, the family, friends, and loved ones. And I will. But not this day. Today, on this day before actual Thanksgiving, I am thankful for the nerdy things in my life.

I am thankful for Star Wars. This classic, epic tale of good and evil, this space opera spanning generations. Jesus fucking christ, can I wax poetical about Star Wars. Good lord, something's wrong with me. Rogue One, coming out soon. I'm interested to see the difference from the trilogies to a 'Star Wars Story'. Goodness gracious me.

I am thankful for my Pathfinder games and groups. We may only meet to play a game together, but it's an important, and sometime therapeutic way to pass the time with you. Traveling through epic lands of fantasy and adventure, good food, and good friends.

I am thankful for books. My library of sci-fi and fantasy, and graphic novels, and modern fiction. A few scant pounds of paper and paste and string, transporting the mind to incredible and fantastic places. An examination of the human mind. A litany of poems, mostly about trees. A boy and his tiger. Thank you.

And thank you to fart jokes, that never get old, and are always funny.