An Update, and a Few Words From John

So Emma says to me the other day, “Hey John, I really like your writing, you should do a regular column or something.”

Me, being the way I am, said, “No way. No one wants to read my crap.”

But then she wrote it down in the calendar, and said I had to do it. So here we are.

So this is something we’re calling ‘John’s Corner’ I guess. Or maybe Douchebag Central. Or Letters From an Asshole. We’ll figure it out.

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That there is Coruscant, Capital of the Republic and poster child for urban sprawl

That there is Coruscant, Capital of the Republic and poster child for urban sprawl

So, recently, I had a bit of a breakdown and downloaded Star Wars: The Old Republic Online. It’s not the first time I’ve played it, but I had a lot of friends pressuring me to rejoin World of Warcraft(For the fourth time), so I felt it a better opportunity. It’s Free to Play, up to a point, but I figured it’d be good enough, right? I had played two years ago, right after I built my gaming computer. This time around I was just hoping for some Star Wars goodness without having to play through KotOR or KotOR 2 for the seven thousandth time(though I’ll keep doing that, too)

Turns out, I had payed for an entire year’s subscription, but deactivated my account three months in. I have no memory of this, and it is not something I usually do, so imagine my surprise when I see that I still have 9 months left on my ‘subscriber status’.

So here I am again, playing an MMO, a Star Wars one at that. It’s pretty awesome, and I’m feeling a little better about it this time around. I haven’t spent any actual money, and my attention span with games don’t tend to run longer than a few months at a time, so I don’t anticipate spending any, either. And it’s a fun. We’ll see how it goes.


My history with MMOs is spotty, at best. My first foray into WoW was...bad. But each time I’ve played an MMO, I’ve been better at seeing the addiction set in, and have been able to stop pretty easily each time. For now, I’m going to enjoy the ride, and my characters.


That’s all for now, peoples.