21 Marvel Wrap-up

So last night, we bit the bullet and watched X-Men: The Last Stand.

It wasn't quite as bad as we remember, but, you know, it was still bad.

Plus, Emma is a sleepy panda

We had some thoughts about the 'young' Magneto and Professor X shown at the beginning

And lots of Wolverine love

Frasier Crane made his X-Men debut

John got jealous of Magneto

xmen3 6.png

John was also an asshole

He then told us his thoughts on the actor who plays Angel

We made light of Magneto's boyfriend's death

And fawned over his abilities

John then equated the climactic fight scene to an MMA match

We also had many questions about the ending...

All in all, we've seen better, and we've seen worse. And will continue to do both.

Join us next week for Gh-OH MY GOD.






We're all gonna die