The Challenge: The Enchanted April

I love E.M. Forster novels. This book was recommended to me because of that.

I didn’t like it.

Two of the women in this book were just continually hateful for so long towards two of the other women, that it wasn’t enjoyable to read. I kept waiting for them to fall in love with their surroundings and surrender their hard views of the world as the other two women had earlier in the book, but they just wouldn’t. They stubbornly clung to their old ways in such a way that it’s not only harsh to the two women who their angry gaze is cast upon, but tiresome for the audience.

Not mention one of the other two women of the book that you’re, I guess, rooting for, then goes and invites her abusive husband to join them? Like...the fuck?

Overall I understand what this book was trying to say and do but just generally found it un-enjoyable in the most pleasant setting. It was weird. Like getting gum in your hair at Disney World.


Would I re-read it: Nope.

Would I recommend it: No.

Am I going to keep it: You can have this one back, mom.