The ACTUAL Asheville ZineFest Write Up

Apologies for this being posted late!

The Asheville ZineFest was held at the Grey Eagle today and it was awesome. We got to speak to a lot of cool local artists and content producers and we're hoping to share their work. Some of it's fucking sweet.

Caroline Smith draws a slice of life comic. I like that it feels more personal than most that you get these days.

Scott Hensel also draws a slice of life comic as well as produces zines. My favourite was that his business card was a fucking match box.

Ephemerality was a collation artist. Their art is beautiful and amazing, I also poked around on their website and saw that they had audio and written works as well.

Logan Halley Winsett Photography. His business card didn't have a website, but when we googled him we found a myspace page and that's rad as hell. So his myspace is here and his email is

Woolly Press is an Asheville publisher. I can't speak about the whole company but the two people at their table were super nice and friendly, and not just because they gave us a comic to review.  (That review will come out tomorrow.) Also their business card is a flip book. Clearly the way to my heart is abnormal usually boring business shit.

Steven Cline, we couldn't get his website to come up for us, and originally we didn't want to link to a store but holy shit. I like this dudes work a lot.

Lasterday Press or Trac Ramsey told us about his personal comic called Quitter, but additionally he told us of his daughters comic. Which is the cutest fucking thing. Her first one was written at the age of 2 and her second recently published book came out now that she is a mature 4. I'm here for Birds Birds Birds, man.

So FireStorm Books and Coffee, which previously I hadn't heard of, was a kickass table that had more zines then even they seemed to be able to keep up with. We are definitely planning a trip out there. Their online calendar alone has such a broad spectrum of events on it, you might lose a significant amount of your free time to this place.

Suzie Kelly has a vast portfolio on her website that shows off many more of the styles then she brought to her booth which was already quite the impressive spread. 

Nathan Roney is a local photographer. His portfolio and evidence of his sweet mustache can be found here.

Mechanical Eye Cinema is a local organization that helps shows films and documentaries that might motherwise not be seen. Their event calendar is available on their website so be sure to keep an eye on it for more locally produced content!

I.R. Harris is the nicest person on the planet??? She's an Indie artist with so many different forms of art, from scarves to books. She also had this sign hanging at her booth, so you know she's cool.


These were only some of the vendors that we got business cards from. However we offered other vendors the ability to email us to let us know of work they or others may be producing that may pertain to our interests! So keep an eye out for those posts as well!