Tabletop, Satan, and You!

Hello. John here.

Hail Satan.

Or whatever.

See, I like tabletop games. Specifically, Dungeons and Dragons. Which actually encompasses quite a bit. Since D&D became a thing in 1974, it's gone through a lot of changes. Other games have spawned off of it, each with it's own lore, rules, etc. But let's not get bogged down in the details here. Let's just start with: I really fucking love tabletop.

Tabletop RPG jokes! Always classic!

Tabletop RPG jokes! Always classic!

That being said, I actually haven't played as long as some people. I only started in 2009, a mere...7...years ago, shit. It started with what's known as a "newbie campaign" hosted(or Dungeon Mastered, or Game Mastered, or whatever you like to call it) by a good friend of mine. We started with the Dungeons and Dragons v3.5 (Yes, there are different versions, but seriously, it doesn't matter). All that was asked of us(the newbies) was a few hours of our time every week, and our enthusiasm. And honestly, that's all it takes. One person to lead the story, and enthusiastic party members. As the game continued on, I came to realize that this is what I'd been looking for in the numerous Role Playing video games I'd played voraciously in the years leading up to this: Creative freedom over my character. I mean, sure, I can pick from pre-fabricated noses and hairstyles with some, and decide with 3 backgrounds my vg characters had, but this...this was new. An entirely new world was opened up to me.

I started off, as many do, by basically playing myself. The name based off a high school friend's fantasy stories, Vincetti the Cloak was a half-elven ranger, specializing in armed combat within the forest. I gave him a tragic backstory because, fuck it, we always give our characters tragic backstories. But the personality, was basically me.

I followed that up with Keth, the half-orc fighter, who lived his life by the two K's: Killing and Kooking. He was a gourmet chef on the days he wasn't burying his great-axe into the skulls of giants. He was a man of few words, usually being "Die!" or "CUMIN!" He liked a good story 'round the campfire, and a properly seasoned, barely cooked steak. I played this character for a good year, year and a half. When the story ended, and the players moved on, I decided that Keth retired, opened up a tavern with his dear friend, a halfling rogue, and lived out his days cooking in his kitchen.

I'm not going to delve into my other characters right now, for there are many, but my point is, I've had a metric fuck-ton of enjoyment out of playing these games. Nowadays, I play Pathfinder, which is an off-shoot of D&D 3.5, and my characters are colorful and varied. I think.

What this is leading up to is a new segment here on Geek Potpourri, which will hopefully(once we get the equipment) turn into some Youtube videos. I'm starting off here because I plan to talk to other players of tabletop, friends, colleagues, etc, and talk to them about their experiences playing tabletop. Favorite stories, characters, parties, maybe even get some new players involved. Really bring people in, get them thinking, talking, and playing. Because that's what Geek Potpourri is to me. A way to get your foot in the door, when you're new and some of us have been playing for years.

Don't be scared. Just come and play with us.

We'd love to have you.