21 Drunken Marvel Years

So in 1994 there was an unreleased Fantastic Four movie. There are technical reasons why it didn't come out, but why I think it didn't was because of this picture alone.

So since we can't count that as our first movie, we are using Blade which came out in 1998. Now as of writing this post, if you were born in '98 you can't drink legally. But nothing came out in '95, so it begins.

Every Wednesday at 8:30pm (E.S.T.), starting next Weds, we will be watching one Marvel movie from Blade on to whatever the latest release is. And since it's after '95 we shall be doing so drunk. 

Think of it with me friends. Toby Maguire Spiderman and alcohol. It mixes so well we might have to invent a cocktail for it. In fact we will. We will put out our drink recipe the day before so that you can tune in and watch along with us. We will be live-tweeting, snap-chatting, and vine-ing the our whole evening and we encourage you to watch it with us. 

We will be using the hashtag #21marvel.

I'm not fucking ready kids. And neither are you. We will also write up a movie review once it's over because fuck I need to tell you about Peter Parker's sweet dance moves in Spider-man three. 

This may become a drinking game.

Fuck it.