Interlude Press and why we heart them.

We met Candysse Miller and a group of authors from Interlude Press at the Asheville ZineFest. At first we were drawn to their rainbow coloured tables because of free buttons and yay books, but then we really started talking to them and holy shit guys. They are cool.

So as we spoke to them they gave us insight to some of the more recent releases, all LGBT themed. Which is cool as hell to begin with. On top of that the more we spoke to them we learned that many of their books were sci-fi. One of the authors was even local

Basically we have LGBT themed sci-fi local awesomeness and we are signing the fuck up.

We spoke to F.T. Lukens and she told us how she was going to be at Malaprop's doing a book reading, and even though Emma worked, John had the opportunity to go. Here's how that went.


Having been to a Malaprop's book reading before, I definitely knew where I was going and didn't get lost at all. I also most assuredly did not show up awkwardly early. Moving on.

I've been to book readings many times before. Sometimes I'm the only one there. Other times I can't find a seat, or even a place to stand. This one was neither, but that's good, in my opinion. It made it a more intimate setting, one where you could feel comfortable asking questions, or even just observing. This particular group had quite a few questions, mostly about the writing process and getting published itself. I abstained from asking any questions, for a few reasons. For one, I am familiar with the painful and annoying process of trying to get something published. Also, I didn't want to to ask any questions about the story without having read it first. As a reader, I prefer to let the work marinate for a while after reading, maybe sear it lightly for a minute or two on either side before I start cutting into it. Steak metaphors aside, it was a rare experience.

The reading of the first chapter grabbed my attention from word one, as most good books do. By the end of the five pages the author read, I was ready to dive in head-first and figure this world out. The two characters we meet in the beginning were vibrant, likeable, and believable. I mean, believable for sci-fi. Hell, believable for non-fiction. If those first five pages are any indication, the book itself will be devoured voraciously with a side of rice pilaf and a glass of scotch. F.T. Lukens also sprinkled in a few teasers about the second book, and hinted (well, straight up told us) that there would be a third. You gotta love a good book series, especially one you haven't read yet. Personally, I'm excited to read this book, and you can expect a review in the near future.

Our very own copy!

Our very own copy!

She was even kind enough to sign it! Thank you everyone!