Victorian Underwear and Self Hatred

So I (Emma here) have never sewn anything before. Not a damned thing. A button fell off one of my shirts and now it's safety pinned back on. However when an amazing group of cosplayers contact you and ask you to join their Victorian Avengers Group you say 'Hell yes!' and do a small victory dance, completely forgetting you don't know how to fucking sew oh my god you moron.

But I digress.

So today I'm going to be showing you guys how far I've gotten on making the under garments for my victorian dress. Special thank you to Cecily and Laura for holding my hand through this whole thing over facebook messenger. I didn't even know how to fold the fucking fabric right.

So first thing you pin down the pattern. 

You definitely want to do this in as shitty light as possible and on the floor. Yeah.

Then you cut it out poorly around the pattern and make John help you.

The penguin pants give me strength. 

The fact that he's fucking done this before empowers him.

Not pictured ANYWHERE: Our dignity

Not pictured ANYWHERE: Our dignity

John then had me re-pin the whole thing because I'm the fucking worst and screwed it up. I'm sorry Cecily and Laura, the sewing Goddesses. I have failed you.

So after that minor nightmare everything was pinned. Except for the one piece of the pattern that John forgot then I asked him to do again.  He then threatened to kill me and have his anthropomorphic vulture friends eat me so there would be no body. I'm just surprised they are so willing to you know, just eat people at his command. Does John have lackys? I've been reading a lot of comic books lately and I'm starting to be convinced that if you have lackys you are probably a super villain and in some way work for Hydra. I'm not saying John's Hydra but whisper Hail Hydra near John and see what happens, since I work so close with him I'm going to let you be the judge. I don't trust there not being vulture friends. Also I haven't slept in 30 hours. Anyway.

John cutting the final pieces

Me helping.

And so we leave with you on this fine Victorian Cosplay update with this small pile of cloth that will be shirt or whatever Laura says.

And John cheerfully finishing that last piece we missed.