So I, Emma, have never been one for tabletop gaming. It was just never something I was given the option to get into. At no point. I played a few half hearted sessions with my halfling Bilbro Swaggins over skype for about a month and then hadn't really found a group to play with after that. Apparently I wasn't looking hard enough because they are fucking everywhere. 

Anyway. I got this job at this place and there were these people there who it seemed like the whole damn place played. Even one of the people who were super in charge of me. He would talk about his past campaigns like he was DMing them right then and make you feel apart of the story. (It's what actually gave me the idea for Pathfinder Camp. YOu'll see.) Suddenly tabletop, Pathfinder specifically, was everywhere.

Still though, I am a baby in this tabletop gaming world. So I was going to Atlanta Saturday for MomoCon (we'll get into that later) and first I thought I'd stop by Game-o-Rama.


A tabletop convention and I barely could roll dice. But it was in my con hotel. The 221b Con hotel. I love this hotel. It exists outside the realities of time and space. So I decided to go for a little bit.

These nice people had to go get their con director and ask him if I could have a con badge. They had to go get him because he was in the middle of a game. I think that's pretty fucking cool.

All sorts of people were there. If you liked tabletop and knew about this con, you were there.

This next one if probably my favourite photo

Because that's it. That's the con. It's a lot of people playing together coming in all walks of life.

There was a single vendor at this cute con. 

Also every tabletop game you could imagine.


So all in all I think this is a sweet convention, a small adorable convention that I will be attending again next year, but with John. Because he knows how this shit works and will probably actually talk to people and make us friend's. I leave you with three photos of a man explaining the directions of a game to two other men that delight the hell out of me. Thanks for having me Game-o-Rama.