A small Summary of Blade and our feelings from last week. *spoilers*

Just for starters. Other then don't watch the whole fucking movie it's awful, seriously don't watch this movie, It has seizure inducing moments all throughout it.


What's a strong female character? idk??? Maybe we should give her gun???

Emma is mainly here for this apartment. I want this apartment.

Everything was realistic and nothing was trash.

You don't understand. Grandpa Murder or Murder Grandpa was the best goddamn character of this whole fucking train wreck.

She's literally a doctor, Blade. I mean before she had her backstory stripped and was handed a gun. Seriously, let her do the needle work.

My heart. The only good character. May he live on forever in our souls. May we all carry a vengeance as deep as his...or something.

This movie almost fucking killed me. The worst. omg. fucking shit. never again. What do you mean there are two more?????????

Reminder we will be live tweeting the first X-Men movie tonight! Posting our X-Men themed drink in a bit. We will begin watching at 8:30 (E.S.T.)!! #21marvel