The Fam: Skyrim

So, sometimes, Emma, Charlie, and I will get together and make characters in different games. Sometimes they're related, sometimes they're not. Sometimes they accidentally follow themes. Today we decided to play some Skyrim!

Note: I use a lot of mods. I'm not sorry



My name is Jick Magger

My name is Jick Magger

This here is Krognar the Succulent, well know throughout the Rift as a champion eater. Seriously, he can beat just about anyone in an eating contest. Pies, various smoked meats, fruits, veggies, he's done it all. His successes became so well known that he is no longer a welcome participant in any eating contest. Towering just over 6'8" and built like a brick shithouse, Krognar likes tiny pastries, bunnies, and sword-fighting. Though he looks like the kind of guy who'd start a barfight over nothing, he's actually a big softie with a heart of gold. Though his parents are long dead (wasting sickness, really a sad story), he does still keep in contact with his younger sister, Etta, who lives in Kynesgrove. Nowadays he spends his time traveling from town to town, doing odd jobs and a few higher profile quests. A guy's gotta eat!




Her God is dead. Now those who stand in her way will join them in her God's falling. She tries to keep the smear of blood across her eyes fresh. She does not travel with others, make allies, friends, or companions. She's here to find the person responsible for telling her a human was a God. And making them beg to one once she finds them.




I'll be real, I haven't played Skyrim in ages. When the heart tells you to repeatedly play Bioshock 2 because you fucking love Bioshock 2, you play Bioshock 2. Again. But Skyrim; that's an old, pure love. Kind of like riding a bike. Now that I've made a new character, the fire is reignited. Might have to leave my lover, Bioshock, for a bit. We'll see.

Regardless, this Is Vandella. I've only ever played Skyrim on console, just for lack of funds, and thus have never made a character with mods enabled before. And let me tell you, this was orgasmic. It's just kind of accepted fact that without mods, all the people in Skyrim look just a liiittle bit odd at best, and are extremely limited at worst. This had none of those problems. But I digress. 

Vandella is a succubus, because of course she's a succubus. With that as an option, how could I knowingly not? Before you roll your eyes at her appearance, let me weakly defend that she is loosely based off of myself, or rather, what I'd like to be. The only close thing is that I do my makeup in a similar way. Condensed version, she is goals as fuck. I was going for a sort of 'lovely fem elegant' aesthetic with just a touch of 'will not hesitate to stab you' and 'can and probably will suck your soul out through your dick, and not in the cool way'. Short of the fact she probably shops at Sephora and can and will kill you, I haven't got much. But really, I don't think I need much more than that. Pretty and scary. 

Goals as fuck.