Emma's Seriously In Love With Doctor Kara

If you missed it, Emma's in love with Doctor Kara. You can read my first love letter to her here. And another one here.

So this month's banner is still active for another week or so...

Drawn by Doctor Kara and covered in pure awesome.

I have loved her for an eternity, since I knew her as the Captain of the good Star Trek Ship Spones. (Scotty/Bones). I love you. I love you. I love you. Please don't freak out.

She currently has a webcomica tumblr, and a patreon that you can see. Check it out. Check it all out. Or else. Seriously.

I'll kill your family!


Now next July we have two artist for you! Who they are is a surprise though. If you have interest in being one of our banner artist email us!