21 Marvel Wrap-up: Daredevil

This week's 21 Marvel Movie was Daredevil. No, no, not the cool one. This one

To start off with, John made fun of lots of things, some of them a bit unnecessary...

Daredevil 1.png

Then we marveled at the tropes we seem to see all the time in these Marvel movies. Pun intended.

Daredevil 2.png

At this point we realized that we hadn't yet introduced the drink that night. We were already several shots in, and we weren't sorry. About forgetting. About the drink, a little bit...

Daredevil 3.png

Then we made fun of the contrived lines that really made this movie what it is

Daredevil 4.png

Then we had a dialogue on the horrible way Ben Affleck went after Jennifer Garner 

Daredevil 5.png

Then SOMEONE started telling us trivia bits about the bad guy...

Three guesses who. The first two don't count.   It was Emma

Three guesses who. The first two don't count.


It was Emma

We were then shown some things we totally didn't know about him

Daredevil 7.png

Then John was a dick

Daredevil 8.png

And continued to be a dick

Daredevil 9.png

Then we all enjoyed the soundtrack

Daredevil 10.png

And laughed at how this whole thing went down

Daredevil 11.png

In the end, it was a fun movie. Not because it was good, but because it was so easy to laugh at.


And for some things, you just had to be there

Daredevil 12.png

Be sure to join us next week, when we are legitimately excited to watch...X-Men 2!