Emma Reviews More Comics!

Apologies for our inactivity, it's been a rough weekend. However, Emma did get some comic reading done!



Black Widow: Oh, no. Oh, no, I can feel this stealing my soul like Matt Fraction's Hawkeye did. The coloring, the story. Shit man. I don't need anymore comic related tattoos.

That being said, let's talk about the story. Natasha says she's still in control, yet she's killed at least one S.H.E.I.L.D. Agent and is on the run from someone with blackmail. Still in control?

What I'm most excited about is this Brown Recluse, Natasha's equal who has reopened her very own Red Room, under her mother, the headmistress of the original one.

I cannot wait for the next chapter. I'm so fucking excited!

Mockingbird: I'll be honest, other than the art style, I wasn't impressed. Bobbi seemed a bit Mary-Sue and the things that were holding my attention started at the corgi.

She also made the sound and solid point that 12-year-old girls are the most terrifying thing in the world. They are an unused source of terror and I'm glad this comic tapped into that.

This Bobbi is amazing, I take back my initial judgement and look eagerly forward to the next comic about those white zombies of reanimated old people she's totally not seeing.

Vision: Oh, no. Guys. Vision might actually be the destroyer of the world. If Victor kills Vin, then who knows what Vision will do.

I didn't trust Victor from the start, but I was worried he was going to hurt Sparky. Now I'm terrified of him tearing this fucked up family away from Vision and causing him to lose control.

He almost lost his own life when reviving his daughter. Now to lose his brother(possibly) and son(possibly)? I understand the prophecy. I think. Maybe. Kinda.

Civil War 2: Ulysses, you're reading this family apart!

Or something.

Maybe bringing them together now? Since everyone saw the fuck-up?

Idk. But since I'm me, I'm going to focus on something unimportantly important to me.

During the last thing Ulysses saw, Hawkeye had seemingly landed on a stake that had pierced his heart and killed him. It was a big stake of wood.

After they all came out of the projected vision, he said 'are you sure that's not real, it felt real' or something of the like. He felt that pain, he felt death.

My poor boy.

Also, fuck Tony for saying that what happened to Rhodey should have happened to him. Prick.

Uncanny Avengers:  Holy shit. Like, we knew it wasn't Hank, but goddamn. Did Deadpool take the shot? Did he?

Why doesn't Cable want him to? Is it time for the Vision to stop Ultron again? Why won't this bastard just die?!

I agree with Wasp though. Take the shot.