21 Marvel Wrap-Up: X-Men 2

Thanks to all who joined us for last night's 21 Marvel! Here are some highlights!

First off, the night's drink!

xmen2 1.png

Followed by enthusiasm!

xmen2 2.png

And some truth

xmen2 3.png

Charlie reveals information we already knew

xmen2 4.png

Emma can't stop complimenting Jean Grey...

xmen2 5.png

Or pointing out Iceman's sexual orientation

xmen2 6.png

John and Emma continue to be weirdly in sync.

xmen2 7.png

John and Charlie were sassy

xmen2 8.png

And John, as usual, was an asshole

xmen2 9.png

But seriously, we all love Mystique

xmen2 10.png

And Sir Ian

xmen2 11.png

And what a finale!

xmen2 12.png

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