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Invincible Iron Man: I have to admit, this one made up for all the mystery in #9. Though I had thought Mary Jane worked for Stark Industries before this issue, guess not. But Rhodey has called in the avengers. Shit's about to get real.


Ms. Marvel: In my opinion, this comic just keeps getting better and better. Now I see Kamala as a central point in Civil War. Iron Man is her teammate but she literally took Captain Marvel's former identity.

Also the mixing school life with her real life coming to a head is pretty fun to watch.

However is her school really going to blow up? I think it might anyway. Because jock boy tried to do something to win his girlfriend back and fucked it up. Or maybe he was just trying to kill her. Who knows. I don't. But I'm certainly excited to see where this goes.


The New Avengers: This has been a wild ride. I gotta say, I love the writing of Hawkeye, and how Wiccan is sort of getting his own team.

I think I'm supposed to care more about Songbird, but I just don't. I find her boring and annoying.

Now that we are in Civil War territory, I'm excited to see where this leads seeing as the team is all split up.

Also Dr. Toni and Pod need to have more screen time. Please.


Black Panther: I feel if they could bring T'Challa's sister back she could rule better than him, he just seems too stressed for the job. Thankfully he didn't have to fight the Black Angels like they depicted on the cover.

The Black Angels for me right now are the real story line. Tell me more. So much more. Give them their own series.


Spidey/Silk: So it said 'the End', but I highly doubt that. I want to see more of this little girl than anything, she's smart as fuck and needs to be shown more in the future.

All in all I enjoyed the series. I found it charming and a little heartbreaking but even if Peter didn't say 'I love you' to his uncle, it felt implied. It felt nice and rounded and complete. Successful crossover. Well done.