The Secret Life of Pets


So...I liked it? I mean, I wasn't expecting to be blown away, and I was not. There were several funny moments, mostly involving Pops and Snowball.

I didn't expect to be as worried about these animals as much as I was. I honestly thought they would drown. Several times. And all the Flushed Pets? So sad...

It was cute. A cute little movie. Probably wouldn't watch it again. Just a few of my favorite clips, probably. The opening scene was exactly what was shown in the preview. Exactly. So nothing new there. Overall, fine movie, worth my $5. Once.



It was good for a movie I plan on only seeing once. I had higher hopes for it though, I'll be honest. I thought it might be better, but honestly all the good parts are in the trailer. You've seen all the TV spots and movie previews for it? You've seen the movie. Or at least the parts worth seeing where dogs aren't nearly drowning.

However at the end it did make me want to go home and love on my cat. So if that was it's mission then it did in fact succeed. So I agree with John. Once.


Special Guest: Jackie!

I'm a sucker for animated movies. Always have been. I'm also an avid animal lover. So it would make sense for me to love this movie, right? Who doesn't love a good story about two dogs who hate each other bonding and learning to love each other after they get separated from their owner and while they're being chased by murderous stray animals and nearly drowning at least three times in less than ninety minutes? (That was easily the most stressful part of the film--aside from the Brooklyn Bridge scene.) 


I actually didn't have many expectations going into the screening, primarily because I hadn't heard anything about it, which surprised me. Then again, I'd been deathly ill and devoid of social media for anything besides Pokemon GO in the days leading up to and following its theatrical release, so that's my own fault. But anyway! 


Back to The Secret Life of Pets. It was pretty dang cute, if a little too real in certain places. I actually teared up when I first spotted Tattoo, the pig that was abandoned by a tattoo parlor after he ran out of room on his body for the apprentices to practice on. I also might've cried when it was revealed that Duke's old owner died while he was in the pound. 


Overall, there were several forced moments, but I enjoyed myself. Gidget and Max? Typical unrequited love scenario and completely unnecessary in my opinion. But good on Gidget for going after her man and successfully rescuing him from himself. I was surprised by the turn that the plot took when the Flushed Pets made their debut, and even found myself rooting for them at some points because humanity sucks. Ultimately though, it was a good kids movie with commendable life lessons to be learned. Would I watch it again? Probably. 


Still think it would've been better if Max had been Maxine instead. Because then it would have been lesbian neighbor dogs in love, and who doesn't love those things?