The Fam: Dragon Age Inquisition

So, because we're trash, we play a lot of games together. As a family. Usually that means making one character and talking through our decisions so that we are all part of the process. But sometimes that means we each make a character and tell their stories to each other.

Feel free to share your own characters with us! We may even highlight our favorites!

*NOTE* Yes, John has some mods on this game as well.

Here's some Inquisition!


Charlie: Desta

Meet Desta, your friendly neighborhood sassy fashion lesbian. Cute as hell, and just as bitter as she is pretty. Desta is a Dalish mage, and thus has seen her fair share of hardship. She was soon captured by Templars, and grew up in a Circle that was less than ideal, and the scars on her face remind her of it daily. The drunken Templar that carved them into her face had asked her why she "wasn't normal". She's asked herself the same question many times, and has come to resent the fact that she isn't. She uses her magic, because she's damn good at it, but hates it. She dislikes mages because they remind her of what she is, but despises nothing in life more than the Circles. If she could burn every Circle, every Templar, that she ever came across, she would be a happy woman; and she just might. 

She admires Cassandra for her tenacity, and is definitely attracted to her, but doesn't pursue anything. She doubts Cassandra would approve of her, her inner thoughts, or plans, and besides:

She has shit to do. 



Emma: Bringer

When one is re-educated under the Qun, it is a process that goes smoothly, as it has been fine tuned and thoroughly perfected. The person being re-educated goes in, and comes out a better citizen. A better, productive member under the Qun and in their society. However, if this process is interrupted, it does not go well. The smoothness is rumpled, the fine tuned is turned sharp, and all is fucked.

This is where Bringer became Bringer. When her brainwashing was interrupted, it broke something inside this formerly well meaning Qunari citizen. After she realized her re-education was going down the drain she asked to leave nicely. After they said no, she stopped asking, and left anyway. She bears the scars of her exit because nobody just leaves re-education.

Bringer was interrupted at a crucial moment. A moment that unfortunately left her with the desire, the need, to kill all Kossith. All of them. 

So thus Bringer was born, Bringer of Death, Bringer of Life, depends on her judgement. Unless you are Kossith, then your decision has been made for you. She's unsure her feeling on Tal-Vashoth, but she shall live up to her name when the time comes. 

Bringer isn't here to save all of Thedas, just the parts she has deemed fit. Just the parts her broken re-education deems fit.

Maker help us all.



John: Asaara

Born in Par Vollen and raised under the Qun, she worked as a baker. She liked her job. She liked her life. She loved baking. Though the accepted recipes were written long before her time, in secret she tweaked and experimented. She even got her hands on a smuggled baking tome from Orlais and read it cover to cover numerous times. She was still young when she was caught. Barely twenty summers, and the priests publicly flogged her within an inch of her life. It was decided to give her one more chance before they slated her for re-education. To make sure she would succeed, they took her from her friends. They sent her to Seheron, to bake her Qun sanctioned bread, made not for flavor but for fuel. So she left.

In the chaos that was life on Seheron, she walked into the jungles, and left what remained of her life behind. She came across a group of Fog Warriors, who attacked her at first. It seemed, however, that they realized her plight, for they stopped soon after, and sent her towards the southern coast, where she could take a ship further South, away from the long arm of the Qun. She was lucky to run into the Valo-Kas mercenary party, made up almost entirely of Tal-Vashoth before she traveled too far into the Tevinter Imperium. They took her in, and taught her to fight. She found she had a knack for the bow, and in a few short years became an expert marksman. She took the name Asaara, to remind her of the winds of Seheron, which blew her to freedom.

Among the peoples of Thedas, Asaara feels apart, almost alone. Even her Tal-Vashoth brethren do not quite understand her. She does not miss the Qun, exactly, but she does miss her old life. Her old friends. That old certainty that she had, the one that told her she would always have a safe place to sleep and food in her belly. She does not relish fighting, and prefers to do her dirty work from a distance. She certainly has the aim for it.

Asaara still loves to bake, and no longer has to hide her experimentation with recipes. She has a kind smile, and an easy laugh that she displays freely. She hopes that this is enough, to bring someone, anyone in. To make her non-qunari comrades comfortable in her presence. Maybe to find love. Now that she has to deal with this Herald of Andraste nonsense, she doubts even more that she'll find anyone. That Cassandra certainly catches her eye, and she is certainly indulgent in tasting her recipes. But who could see past the horns, the sarcasm, and see her as she is? Not Cassandra, devout Andrastian, of noble birth. No, she may have to give up this little crush. Time will tell.