A-Escape, House in the Woods

So our friend's at A-Escape had a third room offered before their research bunker and mob boss office. The House in the Woods. The creepiest story line yet. Blood, assumed bodies, murder cults? Oh yeah.

However speaking to owner's Ashley and Kyle I learned they have two different stories for the same room in mind.

This is Ashley's back story to House on the Woods.

A:Well for me, I always thought the strangest thing was that as people went through the room finding these notes from Dr Cecil, describing his own progress through these traps and puzzles, was why was he just slipping vague hints to the team? Why not just tell them the fast route to escape? Of course, for those who opened every lock in the room (one lock was unnecessary for getting out, just a completion bonus) the story seemed to go a very particular route. Inside that final locked drawer was a binder covered in blood. It was labeled "Property of Dr. Cecil Raines". To me this signaled that Cecil had indeed perished. So who was slipping notes this whole time? I believe it to actually be Jack himself, the owner of the House in the Woods, remorseful for his family's crime at the end, and doing his best to help the team not become his murderous Uncle's next sacrifices.

K:  As a fan of the improbable, I always liked to toy with the story in my mind and muse about what could actually be going on.  There were a lot of characters introduced throughout a player's progress in the House in the Woods.  There was the good doctor who had disappeared, Jack, his mother, some kind of "Uncle" figure.  I had a lot of fun making up stories about them completely irrelevant to the room.  I don't think Dr. Cecil was a good guy.  He was probably a bit crazy himself.  What if these people were former patients of his that he lost, and he does this wild sacrifice thing every year as some kind of weird atonement?  Maybe the good doc just got fed up with it all one day and retired to Florida.  Do people still retire there?