Star Trek: Beyond Review! *SPOILERS*

Emma: I walked out of the theatre crying. This is what I've wanted, this is the Star Trek movie I've wanted. They are a family. They put each other first. They love each other. Chekov got way more screen time which I was thrilled about. Bones and Spock and Kirk were the golden trio. They finally had the three of them in multiple scenes coming out as a group. The Stars. They focused on their family aspect and still slid the Uhura/Spock thing in and I didn't hate it. I did in the other movies but it was done so fucking well in this one. I wish the others ones had been written by the same people. I love this and everything they did with this. And as I believe this is the last movie they are making (at least with this cast) I don't think they could have gone out better in any other way then them all saying 'Space, the final frontier-'.

I might be crying right now as I type this, I love Star Trek so much.


Charlie: I'll be honest, when I watched the trailer for this a long time ago, I was not thrilled at all. I was reasonably certain that this was going to be the last movie they made with the cast, not because they've finished the trilogy, but because this movie would be the death of the franchise.

I am happy to say I couldn't have been more wrong.

The movie didn't go the route of stereotypical action movie, like I thought it would. It was well written, witty, and consistent in its theme with the other two. The comedy walked the fine line between funny and stupid very well, and above all, I was thrilled that the "hot female alien character" ended up to be so much more than a piece of ass. Everything I thought I would hate about the movie ended up being very well done, complete with much less lens flare (it was good in the first movie, but overdone in the second. I'm glad they didn't blind me with it in the third.)

Above all, very high rating from me! I've been a die hard Trek fan for most of my life, and I'm glad to put this on the side of the Trek list that was done very very well. (See the other side of the list, with one bullet point, listing NEMESIS in all caps.)

Also Sulu's husband and daughter are safe and happy, and I'll be real, I care about that the most.


Sebastian: Star Trek: Beyond, for me, was about a return to basics. I’ve never seen anything but the original series and the 2009 movie, so thankfully the apparent awfulness of Into Darkness passed me by. You can tell the difference between JJ Abrams’ concept of Trek and Justin Lin/Simon Pegg’s; it’s an outsider versus long time fans. They know how to tell the stories they want to tell and which stories work and which don’t. Had Abrams been at the helm, I’m sure this movie would’ve been another Kirk­centric melodrama. However, with Lin and Pegg behind the camera, it felt like the crew was actually present and active for their shared adventure. Everyoneacted as if they had some investment in their future, rather than waiting for Kirk to save them. Itmakes a huge difference and feels more complete than the 2009’s entire universe did. It just feltlike a classic Star Trek episode, but longer, and with better effects. There were even timeswhere Chris Pine sounded exactly like Shatner, in a good way. It was fantastic. I loved it. I’llprobably see it again.


John: As a hardcore Star Wars fan, I go into these new Star Trek movies with little to no knowledge of what the hell to expect. Emma's only forced me to watch one episode of TOS, so...take my review with a grain of salt...

I enjoyed the movie quite a bit. 

That being said...I don't know if I liked it or not. It did make me want to actually watch TOS, though, so on that front, great job!

There were definitely times where it felt like the stakes weren't very high at all. Which is strange to say, considering that the potential death toll numbered in the millions. I felt like there were times when certain main characters could have been in more danger, or even outright killed off. Not that I was rooting for that, it just seemed like I didn't really have to worry about the main cast. And I certainly noticed the background story of the main crew possibly breaking up and going their separate ways, but I knew that would never happen. Even Spock's horrible injury(a few inches away from his HEART) didn't worry me all that much. 

One thing I really enjoyed was seeing another side to this Captain Kirk. Especially at the beginning, you really understood just how tired he was, how much his mission and day-to-day wore on him. I wish that could've been explored more, instead of just having it in the first thirty minutes. Maybe mention, I don't know, Captain/Admiral Pike, Kirk's surrogate father figure who died in the last movie?! Like, once?! Instead, one more adrenaline fueled escapade cured him of his ennui and existential crisis. 

I also got a kind of vibe that Krall was supposed to be a foil for Kirk, which seems really odd. I mean, sure, both are Star Fleet captains who "lost their way," but I mean... Kirk is just questioning his mission and purpose, whereas Krall is committed creating strength through conflict in the bloodiest way possible. It seems odd to even hint at a comparison between the two, which they did on a few occasions. I don't know, maybe I'm reading too much into it.

P.S. Two things on the Beastie Boys "Sabotage" scene:

1. Cool as Hell. Totally balls-to-the-wall fucking awesome.

2. SERIOUSLY?! That's seriously all it took to destroy thousands of enemy ships?! I'm sorry, but no. EDIT - After talking to Emma about it, I understand what they were trying to do. This does not change the fact that my suspension of disbelief(which survived the inexplicable motorcycle on the spaceship AND humans somehow transmogrifying into alien species) was completely shattered.