The Fam: PSO

OK so there is this stupid fucking game called Phantasy Star Online that I was obsessed with as a kid. I mean fucking obsessed. I used to rp with my friend over it. Her character was named Ezra, I was Ezra jr (Even though I was her little sister not daughter). Children roleplaying never quite makes sense.


ANYWAY, I lost the fucking game. I had a crisis, put bad things in a box and then that box disappeared over the course of many moves. It was gone. Until.

My mother fucking found it a month ago.

Immediately made Charlie and John make characters, my glee for how amazing this game was over powering the fact that the hit boxes are too big, the attacks are strange, and the story line disappears on multiplayer. They hated it, I've never been happier.

So now the following photos are literally the highest quality photos I could get of these blobby little characters. Brace yourself. -Emma



So, one day, Emma's like, "Hey, you ever heard of Phantasy Star?" And I actually had. In 2006 my parents rented 2 games for my 360, Phantasy Star Universe and The Godfather. They told me to play both, and pick one to get for my birthday. However, after watching me choke three guys to death, garrote another four, and best one man within an inch of dying, they decided I couldn't pick the Godfather. So that's what Phantasy Star was to me. A booby prize to working for Vitto Corleone.

Then Emma pulls out this game, and I'm like, "I haven't seen polygons like this since the original Duke Nukem my uncle Steve used to secretly let me play!" I then spent forty-five minutes designingKal.

Kal is Kin's younger brother. Rash, sarcastic, and loyal to a fault, he is trained as a hunter, though his martial skills leave something to be desired. His natural hair color actually is purple, fuck you,  and does not take the well. And besides, he likes purple, so up yours. He tends to follow his sister around on her adventures, worried that she will end up abandoning him like their parents did years ago. While he prefers to fight with a sword, he is actually an amazing gunfighter, with an aim to make hardened Marine snipers sob in jealousy. He just wants everybody to be happy together, and reacts to family infighting and disagreements with loud screams of, "Why can't we all just get along?! I love all of you equally!"

He's a bit of an oddball.



Emma: OK!

So mostly Kin feels like a baby sitter. They've got this droid they've recently acquired and well she just in general has her brother to worry about...I mean you know besides when they are fighting the monsters and stuff. Sometimes even during. She's become sort of the groups Squad Mom, but deals with more gore then most other Squad Moms. Daggers are her weapon of choice, and she uses them more to protect Kal and Kaz from whatever monster they are fighting more then she uses them to just fight on her own.

She's a bit tired.



Kaz means well, she really does. So before you berate her, just remember, she really is trying to help. Really.

She's a sweet thing, and just as naive as she is sweet. She uses handguns, mostly because she isn't good at fighting, and guns keep her at a distance. She wasn't designed for fighting, she was designed for elegance. Her job was to serve families and nobility, but all that kind of went out the window with the crash of Pioneer One, so here she is now, doing her damn best. Kin and Kal just sort of happened upon her. And then kept happening upon her, less coincidentally as time went on and it was revealed that Kaz is really bad at hiding when shes following someone. She hadn't had a family in a while, and she just sort of decided on her own that they were her new family. So, she follows them around, being goddamned delightful, even is she is clumsy, loud, a horrible fighter, and generally a magnet for trouble.

She means well. She really does.

BONUS GUEST, JACKIE. (I forced her to do this.)



A rather small android, and relatively weak compared to her fellow Hunters, Freya is a ranger, and she's cute as fuck. What she lacks in skill, she makes up for in determination.  She is immensely distrustful of humans, animals, anything that isn't a fellow android, and will gladly attempt to murder everything in her way, with varying degrees of success. She's trying her darndest, though. Earnest and goal-oriented, she might seem rather green to an outsider (see what I did there?). To an extent, she is. But don't let her hear you saying that. She will not hesitate to fuck you up.