5 Con Reminders or 5 Things for New Con Goers

Goers is a word, I'll fight you.

Alright so if you've never been to a convention it's pretty fucking scary. Is my cosplay going to look alright, am I going to feel alright? What do you mean this Con has over 10,000 people? 

So here are some steps for people with either First time Con nerves or general Con anxiety.

Number 1:

Try on every Cosplay you are taking. All of them, props included. This way when you get there you aren't hot gluing buttons to your ass in a desperation to finish this fucking thing that you should have started weeks ago jesus christ now who thinks netflix is more important then sewing, Emma?

I digress.

Seriously, try all of them on, then take all of them off and put them straight in the suitcase. The makeup, the props, your underwear. Suitcase. All of it.

Number 2

Extra shit. Always bring back ups. If your cosplay has tape, bring extra tape. If your cosplay has buttons, bring extra buttons to hot glue to your ass.

But also remember your normal clothes. Remember you won't always be in Con clothes. That you'll at some point be too drunk to remember to not take drinks with your Pepper Pots Iron Man Hand and you'll need to take the costume off. So bring something you feel good in but is casual.

Also bring one Nice Clothing Item. What I mean is a fancy dress or dress shirt withnice pants. This tip came from Megan, she let me barrow a dress a few years ago to be Iron Man that she just happened to have in her bag. She told me to always bring a Nice Clothing Item (or outfit) just in case.

Also don't forget your goddamn pajamas and toiletries. Like seriously, you need a toothbrush. You need fucking deodorant. Don't argue with me, get some goddamn deodorant, you animal.

Number 3

Look at the events. Look at the schedule. Highlight some shit you want to go to. You probably won't go to all of them, hell maybe none of them. However to those with anxiety sometimes it's nice to have a list, a plan of action.

Number 4

It's just a Con. I've cried over Cons, I've had Con drama, and hotel room drama. I've been there and done that. And I'm sorry to those people that I may have had disagreements/verbal fights with. You are all good people and for some reason I forgot the most important thing: It's just a Con. You have to make sure your friendships arent hurt because of them. When you come out the other end of the Con, make sure you realise that was just three days and you are going to still be friends with those people beyond that. 

Number 5

Drink some Goddamn water. For fucks sake.