John's Birthday Gift (Kinda)

Now John loves aquariums. Loves them. So while we were in Atlanta I (Emma) surprised him with a birthday trip to the Atlanta aquarium...even though his birthday is in October. We are ignoring this fact.

Now this may not seem like a normal nerdiness. But I feel like geekdom is decided but what you're passionate about. And John and I like aquariums.

We got there and I immediately bonded with the giant penguin out front. John convinced the penguin to sell his soul to him.

Now there's a story about how people hated walking with Tolkein because he would just stop and stare at the trees for overly long periods of time. That's John and I with aquariums.

Such as this turtle we probably spent fifteen minutes in front of its tank because he was just chillin'. And I greatly desired grabbing his tiny turtle foot hanging down. We named him Freddie. 


My two favourite animals are penguins and turtles so we spent way too long looking at these babies. Also a gorgeous albino alligator and this electric eel.

And then we freaked out for these beautiful jellyfish.


All and all I think John had a good time.